Our role is to manage the relationship between those with a legal background and those with a scientific background.  Solicitors and barristers have found our services invaluable to their cases.

The main reasons are:


A. Time – as time is one of life’s most valuable commodities, it is often vital for you and your clients. We save you time by liasing with forensic experts and ensuring all points and questions raised by you are fully covered.  There is no need for you to contact different experts to explain repeatedly your case and what you are looking for. 


B. Advice – we are able to advise on your client’s case once all the necessary information is obtained and recommend the next steps.  At times, lawyers may not be certain of the forensic direction of the case and what actions are required or can be carried out and the associated timeframes involved. We can provide all this within one company and with one phone call.


C. Information – The Forensics Company manages the relationship between lawyers and forensic experts.  We update the relevant parties regularly and when new information arises. We often help explain the findings and answer any queries that one party may have.  Without our involvement, communication can often easily breakdown due to the differences in thinking and expressing their views between lawyers and forensic experts.


The Forensics Company can be engaged for any of the following:

  • Evaluate a client’s case from a forensic perspective
  • Provide an estimate of costs to achieve the client’s requirements
  • Facilitate the appropriate expert to handle the case and to produce an expert report
  • Explain the forensic investigation and associated technical procedures
  • Explain the expert report and communicate between lawyer and forensic expert
  • If a court appearance is required of the expert, The Forensics Company will be the expert’s representative throughout the process


Our clients’ requirements can greatly vary, if you are unsure about how our services can be of help, please do not hesitate to contact us via the “CONTACT US” section.