The Forensics Company is the first and only independent company based in Hong Kong who can offer a comprehensive range of forensic services for civil and criminal proceedings covering over 25 forensic fields.  We work together with forensic experts locally and internationally to ensure we offer the best range of services depending on your requirements.

With the increased popularity of forensic based television series like CSI, Dexter and Bones, the general public is starting to appreciate the importance of forensic evidence.  Such series have led them to believe that any and all forensic findings presented by the law enforcement agencies must be true and accurate.  What they do not realise is that the series are but entertainment and that in real life, forensic scientists do make mistakes; after all, they are only human.  Thus it is very necessary that the evidence given by such experts be properly tested and questioned where necessary.  Your client may seek a second opinion from an independent company other than just be presented with the Government’s findings.  This is no different to asking for a second opinion when one goes to see a medical doctor for an illness of a serious nature.

The Forensics Company can act as your first point of contact for analysis or just as crucially offering second opinion on evidence that are to be presented in courts by the prosecution.

Each case is treated in the highest confidential manner and will always be handled impartially.

Our company can take on board a spectrum of cases covering physical, chemical and biological samples.  We also provide services covering medical, digital technology, construction and accountancy fields.

You can find the full extensive list under the “FORENSIC FIELDS” section.